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900 Whiting Drive 
Yankton, SD 57078
605-665-1055 Nutrition

a club for adults of ALL ages.  
Join us for fun, food & fellowship.

Hours of Operation:
Monday 8am-4pm
Tuesday 8am-9pm
Wednesday 8am-4pm
Thursday 8am-4pm
Friday 8am-9pm

Tuesday & Friday 7-9pm

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Join us for a home cooked nutritious dinner!
Monday through Friday
11:30 am-12:30 pm
Call 665-4685 to make a reservation.

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Congratulations to the
Volunteers of the Year
Don & Julee Werkmeister

A sincere thank you to each and every volunteer who gives their time and hard work in order to help  all the people whose lives are impacted by The Center! 
Thank you to all participants who played a part in our annual March fundraising events.  
Your contribution was vital to The Center's Meals on Wheels program, activities, and
overall needs that help us help our community! 
10th Annual Wine & Dine $ 26,245
3rd Annual Rock-a-Thon $ 20,025
Area Schools' Coin Drive $ 4,020
An astounding $50,290

Visit our Fundraising page for more on these events!

What We Do
The Center is a non-profit organization that provides numerous services and activities that enrich and touch many lives in our community.  Through generous donations and support, we are able to continue to thrive and grow.  Our staff and volunteers work hard to keep our organization running efficiently so we can offer recreation, socialization and nutrition to adults. 
The Center is not just for seniors and anyone over the age of eighteen can become a member.  Even if you are not a member, you can take advantage of our wonderful meals and events. 

Single       $35.00                                     Lifetime $315.00
Couple     $63.00                                     Lifetime $567.00

Membership at The Center is open to anyone over the age of 18.  You must be 55 years or older to be a voting member. 

Renewable January 1st each year.  Dues are pro-rated after that.

Call or visit us for more information on membership benefits!

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